Parallax Website Review & Ratings + Parallax Coupons
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Parallax Website Review & Ratings + Parallax Coupons

Parallax: Products & Services

Parallax are designers and manufacturers of innovative electronic gadgets such as micro controller development tools and small single board computers. Their products include Basic stamp microcontroller, propeller chip, robotic kits including accessories and hardware, and a variety of sensors. They also offer courses and hands-on workshops about their products to educators. Further information about their products and services is available on their official website.

Parallax: Company Background

Parallax has a very interesting history. In 1987 it started off as a small business from an apartment in California by two college students and gradually evolved as a leading manufacturer of creative electronic devices. Chip and Lance together designed and invented tools such as Microchip PIC programmer before parting ways. Based in Rocklin, California, Parallax has over seventy distributors in different countries.

Parallax: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Offering unique and quality products, Parallax has become popular among its customers. Their customers range from programmers, robot lovers to educators, all praising them for their outstanding hardware and software applications. In their testimonials section a very satisfied customer complimented them by stating, “I highly recommend this company’s products and services for anyone from expert to novice”.

Parallax: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Though not accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau) Parallax are well known worldwide for their innovative electronic products. They haven’t received any media coverage either but their efforts have been recognized by various institutions. Acknowledging their contribution to education Parallax won the Makey Award 2011 for best education/outreach program. They are also certified by RoHS European Union Directive ensuring their specific products are in compliance with use of hazardous substances policy.

Parallax: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

With an almost thirteen years of online presence Parallax has been ranked on #71,391 among other worldwide websites according to Alexa. It has a traffic rank of 38,163 in USA. Parallax has 134,231 visitors per month with 2,388,204 pages viewed monthly. Google PageRank has placed it on 6 out of 10 (10 being the highest) which is very good.

Parallax: Social Media Presence

With its social marketing networks listed under ‘Equip Your Genius’ section Parallax likes to interact with its customers through these networks. They have two Facebook pages, one for their products and the other exclusively for their fans. Their ‘Friends of Parallax’ Facebook page has information about microcontrollers and robots, whereas ‘Fans of Parallax’ has posts from their fans with 2,997 likes. On Twitter they have 3,013 followers with latest product updates from Parallax. They have also devoted a channel on YouTube for their online education program.

Parallax has very supportive forums for each of its application; these include basic stamp forum, propeller forum, robotic forum, etc. Their blog has interesting topics posted by users along with images of their products.

Parallax: Website Security & Safety

Upon checking with Google diagnostic test, Parallax was found safe for browsing. It was not listed as a suspicious site, neither was there any evidence of malicious software being downloaded or installed from their website. It was last visited by Google on February 7, 2013 and was declared safe of all kinds of threats.

Parallax: Pricing & Packages

Parallax store has an assortment of hardware and software products including books to choose from varying in cost. On their website store they sell new products, whereas for those products which have been returned by distributors, have been discontinued or no longer supported by Parallax they are sold on eBay auction for a bargain price.  also manufacture unique electronic products including hardware and software applications. Offering classes throughout USA and worldwide they are making their mark as a credible electronics developer company, Parallax offers a much better price on the same types of products.

Parallax: Shipping Rates & Policies

According to Parallax’s shipping policy, customers are responsible for the shipment charges as well as the taxes and customs charges incurred in their country. For items out of stock if the customer agrees these are shipped at a later date when available with the customer paying for all the shipping expenses. For the residents of USA they use UPS and USPS shipping services. However, international customers are asked to contact their domestic distributors in order to reduce shipping charges and taxes related with them. But for international customers who prefer to order directly from Parallax they offer USPS 1st Class International shipping services.

Parallax: Payment Methods Accepted

Payments for Parallax products are made through credit cards, personal check or money order. Credit cards accepted by them include Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. They also have multiple options for placing orders. Customers can either order online, or through telephone, fax or mail. For in-person order collection customers are asked to call Parallax customer service prior to visiting.

Parallax: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Parallax has a 14 day refund period for products defected or not up to customer satisfaction. If a product is returned after 14 days a 20% restocking fee is deducted from the amount returned. They also have a 90 day warranty period for all their products either repairing, replacing or refunding its purchase price.

Parallax: Product images & screenshots
Parallax Coupons
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